Age Categories

U10 born 2014 or later
U12 born 2012-2013
U14 born 2010-2011
U16 born 2008-2009
U18 born 2006-2007
U20 born 2004-2005
Senior born 1989-2003
Masters Age 35 or older on July 7th


U10 / U12 / U14 Multi event format

Boys and Girls Tyke Saturday: 60m, Long Jump, 150m
Boys and Girls Tyke Sunday: 100m, Shot Put, 600m
Boys and Girls Peewee Saturday: 60m, Long Jump, Shot Put, 150m
Boys and Girls Peewee Sunday: 100m, High Jump, Discus Throw, 600m
Boys and Girls Bantam Saturday: 80m, High Jump, Discus Throw, 80m Hurdles
Boys and Girls Bantam Sunday: 100m, Long Jump, Shot Put, 600m

Modified Rules for U10 & U12 Long Jump

Pee Wee athletes will have a 1m take-off area and the officials will judge the take-off spot accordingly and measure.
Bantams will use a regular take off board. For the competition, all jumpers will have 3 attempts.

Modified Rules for U12 & U14 High Jump

3 successive failures will eliminate the jumper from further competition.
Pee Wee: Starting height of 0.70m, increments of 10cm until a height of 1.00m, increments of 5cm thereafter.
Bantam: Starting height of 0.90m, increments of 10cm until a height of 1.20m, increments of 5cm thereafter.

Modified Rules for U10, U12 & U14 Throws

Each competitor will only receive 3 attempts for all throwing events.